Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

The first question I find that I am getting (when promoting Wealthy Affiliate) is – “Is this legit?” I occasionally get – “oh, I’ve tried that, it’s a scam.” Well, I can honestly tell you that it is indeed ‘legit’!

If you look at the very first page of the Wealthy Affiliate Sign up page,¬†they claim that it is ‘A Platform Designed For Affiliate Marketers Of All Levels.’ That is a pretty broad spectrum of people, but completely legit… Let me explain!

Obviously, on the first page of the ‘opt in page’ a company is going to put their best foot forward. They are going to ‘gloss up’ the boring parts, however, nothing is promised that will not be delivered.

Maybe you already have an idea for business, maybe you don’t… Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to transform your ideas into lucrative businesses. They won’t do it for you but give you all the training necessary to succeed. This is Legit!


They will show you where and how to get your website up and running. Step by step easy instructions to build amazing websites. Again, They will teach you the skills and give you access to the software, they will not build it for you. Wealthy Affiliate will host your site on state of the art, ultra powerful and secure servers. This is legit!


Traffic is the most important piece of the puzzle. Imagine a ‘surf shop’ in the middle of the desert. First of all not too many people at all in the middle of the desert but even fewer surfers! This is an extreme example and a bit silly but it makes the point. Businesses spend millions of dollars analyzing traffic. McDonald’s does not want to put a restaurant where there are not enough people. Wealthy Affiliate does not claim that they will give you the traffic but their claim is to teach you ‘proven strategies to attract loads of traffic.’ By the end of 2018 there will be nearly four billion people on line. Every one of them will be searching to have their needs and desires fulfilled. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to connect with these people. They will not do it for you… They will teach you how! This is legit!

Wealthy Affiliate is not claiming that they will give you streams of revenue sources. Really they are. They teach you quickly where and how to go find products that match you niche. Don’t have a niche? Added Bonus! Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to determine active niches that are ‘hot’ in the market. The training is world-class and the value is off of the planet! How can this be a scam? Like any business, You have to ‘work’ it… There is a learning curve. You must put in the time to learn and apply the information. Wealthy Affiliate lays out the training in a logical easy to understand way. Once you have learned the information Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to ‘put it to action!’ If you are serious about generating a full time income (or more) and you follow the guidance, the results will follow! This is legit!

I can understand people being concerned about being scammed. The internet is a huge place full of opportunity. Wherever there is a lot of opportunity lots of people try to get in on it. Where there are lots of people you will find some ‘not so nice’ people. People who don’t care for much about anything except for themselves. The ‘scammers!’ Some of the ‘scammers are fairly intelligent and have some pretty intricate and involved scams. It is a little bit sad because the amount of energy and money spent creating these scams could net the inventor much more if he focused his efforts on a legitimate enterprise.

To the people that are interested in legitimate online businesses, do a bit of research. It is not difficult to determine. Be aware of ‘lazy’ or ignorant people who claim programs to be a scam simply because they do not have the drive, desire or ability to do what it is required to succeed. Affiliate marketing is a business and like any other business it requires you to work it. If you come across an add that says otherwise, it is likely a scam. Is Wealthy Affiliate legit? Yes it is and you can learn more here.


Wealthy Affiliate has been in business for over thirteen years. In this time they have helped over 1.4 million people in 193 countries start new businesses online. Some of these businesses have seen great success, some have not. The difference is not in the training, coaching, support or software… It is how the individual has applied the information. If we run into a difficult time it is much easier to quit and say that we have been scammed than it is to reach out for help and work through the problem. All entrepreneurs know and understand this. The difference between successful people and unsuccessful is knowing that there will be obstacles, planning for them and then working through them. There are over 1800 expert coaches at Wealthy Affiliate willing and able to help you with those obstacles. In fact, 23,000 people are helped every single day! This is Legit!

On the very first page of Wealthy Affiliate’s ‘opt in page’ are testimonials of successful marketers. This is a kind of ‘If I can do it so can you’ and you can. Can you remember the first time you got on a bike? I can’t. But, I do know that I wasn’t very good at it. I most likely fell off many times. However, it wasn’t long before I had learned all the tricks to riding a bike and was going fast ad popping wheelies! It is exactly the same to learn how to start a business in affiliate marketing. At first, you will fall, but if you get back up (and don’t claim scam) pretty soon you will be flying through the air and landing difficult 720’s. This is Legit!

To ‘recap’ the first page… Wealthy Affiliate gives you the features you need to succeed. They are not saying you will succeed, that part is up to you. What they are saying is that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best (if not the best) places to acquire the knowledge software and abilities to be successful online. The education is industry leading. You have access to expert coaching when you need help or advice. They have software that can help you find millions of keywords. Bonus! They will also teach you what a keyword is and how it relates to building a successful online business. They teach you how to build a website that is appealing to clients and customers. They show you how to run your entire business from their fast, secure and reliable hosting! They offer you a way to network with millions of network marketers. Marketers that are at the same stage as you, going through the same trials and tribulations as you. And, networking with marketers who are successful and have been where you are and can give you direction, guidance and motivation to continue to build a successful business of your own! This is legit!

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business, thousands of people are cashing in on this opportunity. You can learn more about affiliate marketing here. It is an easy to run business that can generate a significant amount of revenue. Like all businesses you need to be into it, you need to learn and grow but there is no limit to where you can take it. One of my¬†favourite things about affiliate marketing is that I can take my office anywhere that I can connect to the internet. My office can be in a ‘groovy’ little coffee shop one day and the beach at a tropical resort the next! Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate platform for aspiring and already successful marketers alike. Sign up here and I’ll see you at the top!!!

Please leave a comment in the box below. Let me know if you have had any ‘scammy’ experiences or any other questions or comments.


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  1. Well said! I am excited to share this with friends who have questioned me about Wealthy Affiliate as well. Hopefully after reading this article written by someone who has actually put in time and effort with the program they will change their minds!

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