Internet Marketing – How To Get Started

There are really only three things that you need to get started as an affiliate marketer. Although there is an abundance of unscrupulous online marketers who will charge you huge dollars to purchase what (they claim) you need, every thing needed can be attained for free or for very little money. Be careful when you see something that sounds too good to be true. Affiliate Marketing is a legitimate business. Like all legitimate businesses it requires that you work at it. You will need to spend time in your business. The cool thing about internet marketing is that you can spend that time (in your business) from anywhere in the world that you have access to the internet!

Three Things You Need.

It is really this simple to get started as an affiliate marketer. With the amount of traffic on the internet right now, your success is almost guaranteed. The only way you can fail is to quit or not start. Click this link Internet Marketing – How To Get Started and you can begin your journey to success and prosperity right now! It is free, it’s fun and you will wish you started years ago!

1. Training.

The first thing that you need is to learn how to do it. This could be the trickiest part, or the simplest part. What I mean is… There are thousands of so called ‘gurus’ who claim to have an easy to duplicate method for making money on line. These ‘gurus’ are willing to ‘give back’ by sharing their method with a few ‘select’ people. Of course, they require you to pay (usually huge sums of money) for this. They promise that the formula works itself and you can lay in bed and make thousands of dollars a day. They will sell you everything from pre-made funnels to websites already set up. What they forget to mention is that you need a marketing budget of over $10,000. per month to make their method work. By the time your website has seen enough traffic to start to turn a profit you could be in to it for a hundred thousand dollars or more. A lucky few can ride that out… I know that I couldn’t when I was getting started. Just be careful and do your research. There are not any opportunities that will do the work for you.

The simple way is to join a platform like Wealthy Affiliate. ‘Internet marketing – how to get started’ is simple and with the help of Wealthy Affiliate you could be up and running in a few short hours. The training is the best on the internet, without a doubt! Sure there are better packaged courses that you can purchase for thousands of dollars, but the material and substance is of lesser quality. The education is all relevant and specific to affiliate marketing. This is important because none of us have time for ‘fluff’. I mean they will teach you every thing you need to know with little tips for exceeding, but no fillers or useless information. The lessons are brilliantly laid out and in a logical order that you can put to use immediately. You can actually start to generate an income as you are learning! Sign up (for free) right here right now!

2. Website.

As you are learning, you will want to put your training into practice. A website is like your store or office; a place where your clientele can relate with you. If you think about having a store, your store… You would decorate it to reflect your style and personality. What color would your carpet be, or would you have tiles or hardwood floor? Would you play music; what kind; how loud? The same is true for your website, you want it to represent who you are and what you do. If you know about and understand websites you’re OK but if you are like the way I was, you could really be getting worried right now. Do not let this one bother you! The world of websites is simply amazing today. There is software available (for free) that allows you to build a professional looking custom website in minutes. Learn how simple it is to build a website here!

One of the first lessons at Wealthy Affiliate is on how to get your website up and running. This is important because without a website nobody will be able to find you. Internet marketing is all about people being able to find you. As you go through the lessons, you can refine and develop your website into a powerful magnet for attracting traffic and customers. You will learn how to ‘tweek’ aspects to maximize the performance of your website. Before you know it your website will become the authority (in your niche) on the internet.    Internet Marketing – How To Get Started Now!

3. Support.

Maybe the most important element of getting started is support. How many times in your daily life do you call a friend or relative for advice or support? Sometimes it’s to ask advice on a major issue, sometimes it’s just to hear someone (who believes in you) say hello. Regardless we all need some kind of support. This is magnified exponentially when you are starting on an adventure where you are not exactly sure what to expect or how to get over the next hurdle. You will want to be able to have access to people who are successful and able to articulate to you the things that you need to do in order to be successful yourself. There is a huge community of like-minded people at Wealthy Affiliate. People who have learned from the same training you will be and have put it into practice. These people can give you assurance that it works and that (if you follow the plan) it will work for you too.

I remember the early days of my education and how sometimes no matter how many different ways I looked at an issue, I just couldn’t grasp it. It was so nice to be able to access help from knowledgeable people. I am still indebted, and eager to pay that back by helping out other new affiliates. It’s funny, I asked a question a few days ago and received responses from about six different people, new affiliates all the way up to Kyle, one of the co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate. I was overwhelmed that he would still have that kind of interest in the people underneath him. (Thank you, Kyle)!

Now you know the three elements to getting started at affiliate marketing. Click here now to begin your own adventure!

Leave me a comment in the box below and share this blog on your media page. Let’s all have fun and make money!

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  1. Hi, Robert, I agree with your three cornerstones of Training, a Website, and Support. Something I’ve long told others interested in blogging and starting their own website is to always, always, always, receive training from professionals who’ve walked the same road you’re about to embark on before anything else. Sure, we can create our websites first and add content while we’re training as we’re trained to add such content, which is what I did. It’s also wise to have a solid support team around you as well, people you can turn to when the going gets tough, or if you have any questions regarding certain aspects of blogging or web marketing. 

    • Thank you for the comment Todd… I am still amazed at how thorough the training is at Wealthy Affiliate

  2. A good layout of just how easy it is to get started with internet marketing, and so true. Unfortunately, many that are starting out get caught up in the get-rich-quick schemes that are abundant on the internet. They spend massive amounts of money and see little to nothing in income for their money.

    The three steps are overarching and include a litany of other subtasks that the prospective online marketer will have to learn, and indeed must learn to get the attention from people wanting to buy what the marketer may be promoting. If you get caught up in an unscrupulous platform, you can waste time, money, and effort.

    This is why I like and agree with your recommendation for the Wealthy Affiliate platform. It provides not only the training you need (REAL training) but also the many features and tools you will need. It is not entirely a one-stop shop for online marketing, but as close as I have seen to date in over 4 years of online marketing.    

  3. You are correct Rob, these are the three things that you really need to become successful in internet marketing. You have said it already, but I would like to stress here again that it will need a fourth element and that is your hard work and dedication. Without this you will go nowhere.

    From personal experience, I also think that you have found one of the best, if not the best, internet business support program available nowadays. Wealthy Affiliate could be a life changer for many people, it was for me.

  4. I’ve been working in the affiliate marketing industry for 10+ years. The important thing to remember is you have to build something long term. There is no magic button, secret sauce, etc. However, it’s really not rocket science. You do have to put in the work, though.A lot of people try affiliate marketing for 3-6 months and quit. From my past experience, I have developed sites that didn’t make money for the first 6-8 months. It takes a lot of persistence. Just make sure you get in niches that you actually care about. It’s too hard to do a niche you really don’t care about.

    • You have a great point Garen… Nothing worthwhile is ever easy; nothing easy is ever worthwhile. 

  5. I agree, these three things are critical for getting started with online marketing. I also think that having some self confidence is huge: the belief in yourself that you CAN do it l, that you WILL make money and be able to work hard to see the results. The support you described can really help with this, having people to give your confidence a boost or be a source of inspiration when your motivation is low.

    • Oh Emily… You hit the nail right on the head!  Self confidence is such a huge aspect of succeeding at anything. 

      When you are new and just getting started in a project  sometimes it is difficult to determine if you are doing well or going the right way. Surrounding yourself with people that have accomplished some form of success in similar projects is vital. They can let you know what you are doing right, and help you correct the things you need to improve upon. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to build these types of relationships. Keep your positive attitude and self confidence, success will be yours.

  6. Very interesting way how you explain this 3 steps to started an online marketing and I totally agree with you that support is key especially when we start since as a beginner we always have questions and having a platform that offer this is a plus. Thank you sharing this great information on how to start an online marketing very helpful article. 

    • Thank you Gualdemar  It is extremely important to have support and even a coach or mentor when you are starting down a new road.. 

  7. Hello and thank you for this insightful article on how to get started with affiliate marketing. I agree that training is the first step and it shouldn’t cost a fortune just to get your foot in the door. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t do their research before they are sucked into a funnel and believe the hype that they hear. In order to be successful, you need a mentor or teacher to help guide you through the hard parts. Otherwise, it is like trying to take a final exam in a college course without a professor to teach you throughout the semester. 

    I learned to avoid the “Done for You” funnels. You are also correct on the idea that a website is your own virtual real estate. It can grow in value over time if you continue to contribute to it. We must lay the foundations now for something to be built on over time. Wealthy Affiliate has been an amazing platform to learn through video training and application on our own wordpress website. 

    You are absolutely right in that support for the platform is what separates it from the rest. Not only do we get site support from the technical team of developers, but also mentors from others in the community that have been in the business much longer than we have. They know answers to all of the technical problems that we will face. It’s an incredible value to be able to access this kind of experience and input in one place. We can truly pay it forward to new people that come into the community and are ready to learn and give back. I hope that you are able to continue to inspire others to take their first step into this great world of affiliate marketing. 

    • Thanks Daniel…  The training here is absolutely amazing…  Lets all have fun and make money!

  8. I love affiliate marketing and what I like most about it is the training (at Wealthy Affiliate) is so straight forward. You can truly have success if you just follow the training. I loved it so much I became a premium member. 

    Now that I am in my boot camp training , I feel like a real marketer. I never felt it until I got google indexed. I still got a long way to go but I am ready for challenge.

    • Hi Kira… Thank you for the comment. The training at Wealthy Affiliate is super easy and straight forward.

      Congratulations on starting ‘Boot Camp’  write down some goals, stick to the training and success will be yours!

  9. Robb,

    When I comment on websites I generally look for negatives that could use improvements then follow up with the positives.

    So here goes.

    Negatives: Beginning of negatives.

    end of negatives.  As you can see I found NOTHING!!!  Great work.

    Positives:  Will list only a few of the MANY.  You have worked hard and long to build a great site.

    Home page is simple to use and has enticing topics.  These are such that almost anyone entering your site will read at least 1. You may want to draw attention to the numbers eg 2, 16, etc. letting readers/visitors know these are reviews for the post.  The reader will be interested in what others feel and may encourage them to select the FREE trial just to see for themselves.  Every comment is potentially a sales person for you.

    Giving them the chance to use Jaaxy was a wise move.  If the try it you are closer to getting a new WA member.  Early involvement get their interest up.

    Explaining how AM works gives them a better vision on making the money they want/need and how easy it is to build a website at WA and how to start their own business.

    Goal setting was a good idea and absolutely correct and presented in an easy to understand manner that even if they did not sign up they would remember. NICE

    The Jaaxy menu was creating.  Getting them more involved with AM.

    Wishing you MUCH $UCCESS


  10. Hi Robb, I really like your site, it’s packed with plenty of motivation and information, straight to the point and very concise. I noted some thorough instruction packed in there, with actual images of one of the featured learning tools, Jay. You showed examples of what is needed and expected. Your creativity with this site really stands out. I also like the example metaphor you cited regarding the rules of life. Thank you for sharing this information.


  11. Thank you for sharing ¨Internet Marketing-How To Get Started¨. I agree with you about the three things you need to have for a successful career in internet marketing. But in my opinion there are 5 essential attributes an internet marketing company must have: 1) success, 2) experience, 3) pricing, 4) company´s website and 5) social proof. You need to find those internet marketing companies that can provide concrete results, make your job as easy as possible and work with you to continually improve your site’s performance. Wealthy affiliate meets all these standards.

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